Henry, Illinois
PR Newswire – June 30, 2020
Centilion, a fertilizer production company based in Henry, IL and Wilson Industrial Sales (“Wilson”), an industrial chemicals and fertilizer marketer and distributor based in Rensselaer, IN, are proud to announce they have entered into an exclusive offtake agreement. Under the agreement, Wilson will have exclusive rights to market and distribute all production from the Centilion plant to National and International customers, after a short transition period during which rights will be shared with the previous offtake customer.
“Centilion’s Henry plant and Wilson have been affiliated for more than 30 years, and it feels good to turn our partnership into a formal long-term business arrangement”, says Centilion President and COO, Kobus van der Zel. “The Wilson team has been part of our family for a long time and they have demonstrated their deep knowledge of the ammonium sulfate market.” Centilion is a fully integrated manufacturer which produces a variety of granulated fertilizer products directly from raw materials, including 75% sulfuric acid in its geographically advantaged facility in Illinois. The company serves the agricultural and industrial sectors across global markets.
“We are excited to partner with a company that is focused on producing the highest quality granular ammonium sulfate in the market. You can’t ask for a better location for this quality of material, Centilion’s location is right in the middle of our core dealer network.”, says Keegan Wilson, President of Wilson Industrial Sales. “The quality AMS granules produced from virgin chemicals makes a difference for our customers” says Wilson’s agricultural nutrient account manager, Jeff Cooley. “It is by far the best and most uniform granule produced in the market, that spreads further and more uniformly in the field.”
Several recent capital expenditure upgrades have allowed the Henry, IL plant to more than double its output.

About Centilion
Centilion is a fertilizer production company based in Henry, IL. Centilion is committed to providing best-in-class plant nutrition products to support crop growth and soil health throughout the growing season. The Company produces a variety of granulated fertilizer products directly from raw materials in its ammoniation-granulation facility, to serve the agricultural and industrial sectors. Built in 1964 and repurposed in 2017, Centilion employs over 40 full time employees. The firm is committed to producing quality product for its partners and networks. www.centilionfertilizer.com.

About Wilson Industrial Sales
Wilson an industrial chemicals and fertilizer marketer and distributer based in Rensselaer, IN. It is the mission of Wilson Industrial Sales to provide industrial and agricultural markets with the highest quality products at a service level that is best in the industry. The company operates through its three business groups of agricultural nutrients, industrial chemicals, and transportation. Today, Wilson Industrial Sales has grown

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